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If you are here for healing, you can choose from the following options:

  1. A focused healing session for the specific health issue that you face
  2. A Full body healing session that will work on your 7 Chakras 
Healing Therapy 

NOTE: For Healing Sessions: 

1. Very often, after a healing session is done, the body takes a few hours or a day to complete the healing process.

2. Some health conditions may require 1-2 or more sessions subsequently. That decision will be taken mutually. 

3. Usually, during the first session or in subsequent 2-3 days, we get clarity on the impact and further course of action.

4. Do not stop any medication prescribed by a doctor that you are currently taking.

5. Sometimes when the body gets into a cleanup mode, for a while it may make the symptoms increase temporarily.


Note: If someone cannot afford the healing session charges, the session will be done for him/her free of cost. 

Mode of Healing:  The healing session will be done using Video Call (Zoom, WhatsApp Video, Telegram Video Google Duo etc) 


Please let us know your intent and the health issues you face on the 'Contact us' page of this website. We will guide you regarding the most suitable approach. Details of the two options are as below:

Charges for Healing: Kindly contact us for details on the fees for the healing session. You will definitely find the fees to be very reasonable. Also, the fees are applicable only and only if your body shows a response to the treatment. Else you can choose to pay absolutely nothing. No Advance Payment is to be made. Payment only after the Session and that too, only if your body shows a response.

Focused Healing for any particular health condition will be done in the form of 1-2 sessions that will be a few days apart. Each session will be of 30 Minute duration.


Based on feedback and response, the right techniques will be chosen so as to help you get relief from the health issue faced. Fees will be accepted only if an improvement is observed.

Healing will be done for all 7 chakras using suitable techniques. Two Full body healing sessions will be done. Therapist will focus on specific chakras based on your feedback. 


Each healing session will be of 30-45 Minutes based on time availability and these will be spaced 3-4 days or a week apart.


How the Healing will be done: 

I will connect with you on Video call. You need to be sitting comfortably with your awareness to your body. While I am at the Zero point state, I will connect with your body following which the process of entrainment will take place. Your body will jump to the Zero point and will automatically trigger the requried corrections inside which you will be able to sense happening within in the form of tingling, vibrations, heat and various other sensations. You have to keep telling me what sensations you feel inside your body and based on your inputs and based on what I observe as healing indicators on your body, I will keep modifying my approach and my focus. This will go on for 30 minutes. I might ask you to focus on certain areas in the body or go to certain events in your Past mentally and observe your physical and emotional response. 

Usually there's some immediate change in the condition and further change happens in the next few hours. I usually wait and watch what happens for the next 12-24 Hours during which the healing normally continues in the body.