About Sachin 

Sachin Karve is a Mechanical Engineer and MBA Marketing from Mumbai University. He has 25 years of corporate experience. He started his career in the field of Engineering Design, then moved to Marketing and currently is in the field of Corporate Training. He offers Training services in the areas of Leadership Development, Behavioral Skills and Soft Skills. Sachin is the founder of Transform To Lead, a consulting firm based at Mumbai (India), and has conducted training for more than 150 companies across India covering more than 25,000 people from across various functions. Sachin has also authored a book titled 'Instant Healing for Self and Others' that is published on Amazon Kindle as an e-book. 


Sachin began his journey of exploration in the areas of Self-awareness, Meditation and Healing, after going through a powerful Spiritual awakening, more than 20 years ago. In the year 2016, a deep state of stillness that he experienced, gave him the ability to heal people instantly. Since then, the opportunity to successfully heal more than 5000 people from various health issues, provided him with insights into quantum healing techniques.


Sachin is currently involved in offering healing sessions on various health conditions and is also involved in offering training to individuals on how they can heal themselves and others. He offers healing sessions on Video call as well, for those who need treatment but are at a distance.


Sachin lives with a dream, that one day every human on this earth, will have access to these healing methods thereby creating a blissful universe with Good Health, Prosperity, Love and Joy.