Quantum Healing

The Science Behind it

What is the SCIENCE Behind Instant Healing Miracles?


It is true that the results of Quantum Healing look like a miracle to a layman since seeing a 10 year old chronic health issue disappear within minutes is too shocking for anyone to believe. However, there is a very clear scientific explanation to how Quantum Healing Works. Most people are sceptical initially and believe in it only after they personally experience the power of Quantum Healing.


Being a Mechanical Engineer and a scientific minded person, as soon as I started expereincing these healing miracles while in a Silent Mind state (No-Mind/ Zero point), my immediate quest was to find out the science behind the healing process. That made me explore and read every possible concept and principle that could explain how the human body could heal itself so quickly. I explored principles of Quantum physics, Yoga, Eastern Medicine, Ayurveda and the regulatory mechanisms of Vata, Pitta, Kapha { Vata = Body's Flow Mechanism, Pitta = Body's Energy & Metoabolism system and Kapha = Body's Structural system} and I also studied how the body clears up blockages and toxins. I studied about the ductless endocrine glands (Energy Vortices or Chakras) and their function. Also studied the impact of emotions on the body and how trapped emotions can be neutralized and released from the body.  


Over the last 7 years in which I treated practically more than 4-5 thousand people from various health issues, I was able to connect the dots together. Modern Quantum Physics and the Ancient Indian science of Ayurveda together are able to clearly and successfully explain what is happening here. The results are extremely predictable and repeatable and today, hundreds of people who have studied my course and have done the healing have confirmed that it exactly works the way I have explained it scientifically. If you have a look at the demo videos in my course, you'll exactly know what I am talking about.    


Simply accessing the Quantum Field (By going into the Zero point state) and presenting our consciousness to any ailing body can trigger a powerful healing response in that body. The double slit experiment has proven how the presence of consciousness can create a shift in reality and that's exactly how we are able to trigger a healing response in the body. The body, in the presence of the quantum field, at the deepest level of existence, then uses its own intelligence to create a change in the regulatory systems of the body (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and within minutes the body's corrective mechanism gets active.


People start experiencing various healing indicators and their body starts releasing the flow blockages from the energy vortices (7 Chakras). The science of Yoga has beautifully explained all the 7 chakras, their frequencies, sounds, colours and their associated function in our body. Quantum Healing takes things very deep, way below the organ level, the cellular level, atomic level, Sub Atomic level, wave level and further deeper right upto the stage of pure Nothingness (The zero point) from where everyting is created in this universe. At this state of pure potentiality, and infinite possibilities, the wave of existing reality can be collapsed and a new reality can be created. This new reality at the quantum field, then results into an instant change at every next level above it, thereby creating an immediate change at the physical level which we observe as a Healing miracle. However by now you know that there's a huge amount of science happening in the background.


Till date I have successfully used these healing methods on people facing various health issues such as Knee pain, Back pain, Frozen shoulder, Headaches, Migraine, Digestive disorders, Constipation, Acidity, Gastritis, Indigestion, Ear Ache, Throat Pain, Menstrual Cramps, Irregular Menstrual cycle, Endometriosis, Tooth ache, Skin problems, Cervical spondylitis, Slipped Disc, Varicose Veins, Sprains, Swellings, Injuries, Wounds, Heel Spur, Sinus related Problems, Stomach Ache, Liver disorders, IBS, Stiff fingers due to Arthritis, Sciatica problems, Vertigo, Thyroid issues, diabetes etc.


In most of these cases, people had approached me after conventional medicine had failed to give them relief even after taking medicines or physiotherapy for long durations and they were surprised to see how fast they got relief using this treatment. With just 10-15 minutes of treatment, more than 70 % cases experienced significant healing indicators during the session and most of these reported complete relief in the next 12-24 hours. 20 % cases needed 1 or 2 more sessions to get full relief. For remaining 10% cases, healing didnt happen as expected or happened in some other area of their life that was probably more critical, considering the bigger picture, which they had not even mentioned to me.


Quantum Healing makes use of the universal intelligence thereby leaving no possibility of any side effects. The healing gets done by a universal force, the person's body and the environment and intention that I have presented at that moment. Therefore, the treatment is not constrained by my limited knowledge of medicine or human biology. I am not a doctor and therefore do not have a very deep understanding of what is happening inside. In fact, I have realised that this lack of knowledge of medicine has made the healing process even more effective, since my mind doesnt interfere with the creation of the universe.


I encourage you to connect with me to experience, explore and learn these wonderful techniques that can practically transform our wellness, health care and medical treatment in the coming decade. Join me in making this a world full of good health where every human being has access to these techniques and can heal self and others effortlessly.